This collection is the brand’s ode to Paris – a city of magic, dreams and lush gardens brimming with flowers. This season the dynamic duo behind Esfir has tried to capture Paris’s beauty in their pieces, whether it be the hand-painted blooms of, “Monet’s Garden,” or the lush lavender roses of “The Versaille Blooms.” Each piece speaks to a different component of the city, thus the pieces range from crystal studded ballerinas to church like spires.

French jewellery has evolved from opulent and grand to understated, graceful pieces that are as reflective of the changing times as they are of its rich history, and so the collection pays homage to the grandiose, as well as the graceful. Each piece also has our signature “twist”, a traditional element infused with the modern – to make it quintessentially Esfir. Made for summer but ideal to wear all year long- Esfir designs are always easy to style be it with western wear or Eastern and this range of looks is no different. All pieces are 22k gold plated, and use the finest of semi precious stones, including jade, rose quartz and pearls.

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