One of the biggest choices a bride makes is what jewellery she will wear on her wedding day as ornaments can make or break an outfit. So it’s crucial to know what’s popular now and what will be in the future (as most of the wedding preparations begin months prior to the Big Day).

Many brides opt for heirloom pieces which are a good catch, but if you no longer feel any emotional connect with your grannies’ choker or don’t want to opt for pieces that are collecting dust, then fret not! You can find traditional pieces which don’t look dated and have a contemporary feel. Seen on the ears of some of our favourite celebrities and on the necks of some influencers as well: pearls, beads and gold-plated artsy designs are this year’s pieces of choice.

Read on to stay ahead of the game and find out from where to buy the hottest jewellery trends of 2020:

Go the Traditional Route

If we look at any bridal jewellery collection, we can find that pearls are the go-to option for 2020. Whether you like tiny ones or bigger baubles, pearls are an obvious jewellery staple. Esfir is one brand that truly believes in its timeless elegance. But aren’t we talking about staying away from the usual? Well… yes and thus we advise you to choose something a bit more out of the box.

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